• Victoria trains clients with a full-body functional movement approach. She believes in living well through all facets of life.

    live well

  • quality of movement verses quantity, train your mind to activate your muscles to enhance your total quality of movement

    move well

  • what you put in your body will have a direct effect on how you perform, feel and look, choose wisely.

    eat well

  • explore and learn about the world around you.

    travel well

  • do not be a spectator, do something, challenge yourself daily.

    play well

Victoria’s Services

Post-Injury Rehabilitation

As a certified athletic trainer, I have worked with many athletes on and off the field. I have rehabilitated their injuries back to 100% and returned them back to the game as quickly as possible. Having this medical knowledge in the fitness industry, offers my clients the ability to work one-on-one with me and return to their activities of daily living in a timely manner. Many of my rehabilitation clients include; corporate executives, elite athletes and weekend warriors. If you have ever found yourself post physical therapy and unsure what fitness program to start (so you don’t re-injure yourself) then my rehab experience would be perfect for you.

Kettlebell Instruction

When you start a kettlebell program with me, you will burn a tremendous number of calories in every session, quickly increase lean muscle, lose fat, gain endurance, and improve flexibility. Not to mention, being able to snatch a cast-iron kettlebell overhead is super empowering! Kettlebells are not for the weak at heart! With proper instruction and dedication, you will develop your inner and outer strength.

TRX Suspension Training

Created by a U.S. Navy SEAL and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, Suspension Training® is a training method using leveraged bodyweight. With proper instruction you can safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose. TRX Suspension Trainer offers a functional, fun and challenging workout that is appropriate for all levels. What are you waiting for? It’s time for you to experience Suspension Training® for yourself!

Pre/Post Natal

Working with an experienced trainer during this very important time is crucial. Research suggests that having a consistent fitness program throughout pregnancy will help during delivery. I have worked with many women that consistently say, increasing their strength helped them during and after labor. If you are currently pregnant or post pregnancy and not working out, let’s get started. Your baby deserves a healthy mom!

Weight Loss

Millions of people worldwide are overweight. Being overweight/obese can put you at greater risk for many diseases. The more body fat and weight you carry, the more likely you are to develop heart disease, type 2 diabetes, breathing problems, and/or high blood pressure. Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is not always easy but needs to be a life long effort. With my one-on-one motivating programs and your commitment to change, you will lose weight and reduce your risk of disease.

General Health and Wellness

Being healthy means more than treating illness after it happens. Taking a proactive approach means maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, practicing good eating habits, and taking steps to prevent disease. My health and wellness coaching will empower you to go out and live a full and rewarding life.

 Victoria has recently relocated to sunny Orlando, Florida!